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From maintenance to management, every R360 job opening is an opportunity for experience, growth and competitive benefits. Check out our job spotlight below, and see if you’ve got what it takes to join the R360 team.

SWD Injection Well Technician (Salt Water Disposal)

Position Summary
Controls and operates an A/C – VFD – Drive, SWD Injection Well. Gauges and tests liquid in storage tanks and regulates flow rates.


Preferred Characteristics & Skills

  • Working Knowledge of AC Power Systems.
  • Working Knowledge of Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) systems.
  • Prefer a working knowledge and experience with injection well operations, pumps, engines, generators, valves, gates, filters, and measuring/control devices, testing equipment and material handling equipment.
  • Must become proficient in the care and use of all site specific, facility required Personal Protection Equipment.
  • Must pass a drug screen, pre-employment physical and background check.
  • Must demonstrate ability to work in a team environment and willingness to assume additional or new responsibilities readily.


Training Required

  • Employee Orientation.
  • Safety training, Equipment Training.
  • May perform more advanced functions as part of training and development.


Main Activities Carried Out

Identify the major tasks accomplished by this job.  Identify % of time spent on each and whether activity is an E- essential function or N – non-essential function of the job. % of Time

Gauges quantity of liquid in storage tanks before and after delivery, using calibrated steel tape and conversion tables. Lowers thermometer into tanks to obtain temperature reading.

Turns bleeder valves, or lowers sample container into tank to obtain sample.

Tests liquid to determine amount of bottom sediment, water, and foreign materials, using centrifugal tester.

Calculates test results, using standard formulas. Records readings and test results.


Operates AC - VFD pumps and valves to regulate and direct flow of liquid from and into tanks, according to schedule or verbal instructions.

Diagnoses basic operational problems and takes corrective action per procedure.


Monitors digital flow meters, gauges, flow ratios, pressures and related controls at specified time intervals through automated gauges and/or instrument panels.

Monitors and records operating conditions, observations and data in shift log.

Ensures conformance to process specifications.

Diagnoses basic operational problems and takes corrective action per procedure. Verifies and reports suspected malfunctions and variances to supervisor.


Obtains samples and performs standard testing processes on a variety of equipment and records results per permit and operating procedures.


Performs routine CLAIR (cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, inspection and minor repair) on assigned AC – VFD drive equipment.

Inspects pipelines, valves, and flanges to detect malfunctions, such as loose connections and leaks. Tightens connections with wrenches, greases and oils valves, using grease gun and oilcan.

Promptly reports leaks, defective valves or operational problems to Lead or supervisor. Learns to perform routine instrument calibration.

Reports and documents results of work performed in maintenance books and daily log.


Practices good housekeeping in assigned area. Performs general labor including cleaning equipment, facilities and grounds as required and properly disposes of waste according to safety and environmental policies.






  • Associate of Applied Science Degree in Electronics or Industrial Technology or equivalent military training in electronics is required
  • High school diploma or general education degree (GED) is required.
  • Ability to read, write and comprehend English (operational, process, safety and quality instructions) is required.

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