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Complete solutions. All-around access.

With strategically located facilities across America, R360 offers convenient access to the comprehensive recycling, disposal and treatment options you can count on.

At R360, we’re committed to delivering the waste treatment services that keep the oil and gas industry moving. With systems that safely handle produced solids and fluids, plus expanded capabilities that include tank washouts and even transportation services, R360 takes the worry off your hands when it comes to oilfield waste processing and disposal.

And with facilities strategically located to serve the nation’s most active plays, R360’s comprehensive treatment solutions are never far away.

With years in the making, R360 has been able to create the ultimate in streamlined, effective land treatment that gives operators more sustainable waste options.

Depending on the type and magnitude of E&P waste loads, land treatment may be a viable solution for many producers. By utilizing bioremediation – a naturally occurring process that helps remove pollutants from waste deposits – R360 is able to ensure a sound treatment method that helps operators responsibly and economically manage their wellsite waste.

And because all waste loads are assessed and tested according to state regulations, and every phase of the process is accompanied by the proper permitting, R360 provides operators with one more option for reducing operator liability—without sacrificing environmental integrity. 

From produced saltwater to drilling mud and cuttings, R360’s land waste disposal systems offer all-around solutions for your sustainable disposal needs.

Through our dedicated land waste disposal facilities, R360 specializes in treating and recycling all non-hazardous materials from your oilfield operations. Though the majority of the products we treat are oil and water-based mud and cuttings, we also process contaminated soils, tank sludges, caliche pad materials, fiberglass tanks, gas plant filters and more.

And because we thoroughly test and document every load before beginning our processes, you can be certain our land waste disposal treatment is the best option for your wellsite refuse.

R360 offers complete services for all of your equipment jetout washing needs.

In the oil and gas industry, working hard means getting dirty. That’s why a number of our facilities provide total washouts for your hauling trucks, tanks and containers. And as a provider to the nation’s most active plays, we understand the demands of the job—and how to best serve our clients. So when the going gets grimy, clean up with R360.

R360’s oil reclamation processes ensure maximum hydrocarbon recovery and minimum liability.

At R360, we offer the industry’s best in oil reclamation services. Our regulated processes ensure optimum recovery, followed by a safe disposal of all remaining waste.

Here’s how it works: As every load is received, it is tested to establish market value. Next, the load is allowed to settle in our special treatment facilities, followed by a water skimming procedure that captures the salvage oil. R360 services bottoms and sludges from crude storage tanks for the most part, but will also accept those from saltwater storage tanks.

Through oil reclamation, R360 offers a simple way to recover oil, while complying with government regulated disposal guidelines. It’s just another process you can depend on for your environmental disposal and recycling needs.

Count on R360’s transportation services for the collection and removal of all of your drill cuttings and site waste.

When pits aren’t possible and oil-based mud cuttings make an appearance, R360 offers the on-site transportation services you need to haul all of your drilling wastes.

As part of our turn-key closed loop services, R360’s easy-to-maneuver track systems include 20-yard containment bins and allow ease-of-use with shaker and/or centrifuge setups. And because our bins are completely enclosed to prevent spillage, you'll never have to worry about possible ground contamination.

R360 also provides a fleet of hauling equipment, including roll-off trailers and utilities for large-scale remediation—all complete with our own trained and permitted drivers. 

From closed loop services to hardcore hauling, R360 safely and efficiently aids in your wellsite disposal—so you can keep productivity moving.

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