You can count on R360 to be your all-around resource for sustainable waste treatment options—available when and where you need us most.

R360 Environmental Solutions

R360's All-Around Solutions

From tank washouts to closed-loop systems and our innovative thermal treatment technology, R360 delivers comprehensive solutions that ensure production, documentation, and the environment are kept as clean as possible.

  • Landfill-Waste Disposal
  • Land Treatment Process
  • Washouts
  • Hydrocarbon Thermal Desorption Recovery from Drill Cuttings
  • Transportation
  • Closed Loop Equipment and Waste Collection
  • Production Water Disposal
Commercial waste collection
Landfill-Waste Disposal
Commercial Recycling
Land Treatment Process
Commercial Organic / Food Waste
Industrial and Manufacturing
Hydrocarbon Thermal Desorption Recovery from Drill Cuttings

Pioneering RBO Thermal Solutions for Drilling Excellence

R360 is the only provider of permanent RBO thermal processing, with services offered in the Permian Basins and the Eagle Ford basin. With this capability, our customers can achieve added value by enhancing their drilling operations through improved efficiency, cost management, and sustainable practices. We value our customers' needs and strive to meet them by bringing developed technologies to the market.

The RBO is utilized as feedstock for OBM or as a diesel dilution at the rig site, while the Reclaimed Shale Rock is utilized as a recycled bulking agent to area landfills.

Our solution empowers our clients to meet their objectives in reducing overall costs, enhancing sustainability, minimizing carbon footprint, and operating in an environmentally friendly and socially responsible way.